Mandrel Aquires Fessler Machine

June 25, 2021by mandrel0

June 1, 2021 – The Mandrel Group (TMG) located in McDonald, Ohio is pleased to announce that it has completed the purchase of The Fessler Machine Co. Sharon, Pa.


Fessler has been providing specialty manufactured component to the steel industry including Hydraulic rotating distributors, gears and gearbox’s, hydraulic cylinders and valves for the past 40 years. TMG plans to continue the manufacturing and repairing of Fessler components which will add another level of service to TMG’s mandrel capabilites.


“With Fesslers long history for producing exceptional products, they seemed to be a perfect fit for TMG. With the Fessler sealing technology in their rotary distributors, TMG has positioned itself to be the #1 Coiling Mandrel producer in the USA. TMG plans to revitalize the gearing and hydraulic divisions of Fessler as well. There are thousands of parts out there in the steel, copper and aluminum industry that are of the Fessler design including gearbox’s, rotary distributors, hydraulic distributors, and valve. With our combined 45 yrs of  rebuilding Mandrels and now having the Fessler product line as part of our group It is time for the steel industry to have a solid solution and one that 100% focuses on Mandrels and Mandrel repairs. We are very excited to introduce The Mandrel Group to the Steel Industry” Tim Merlin, President of TMG.

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