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Located just outside of Youngstown, Ohio, The Mandrel Group (TMG) sits on 12 acres in the McDonald Steel property at 105 Ohio Avenue, Mcdonald Ohio 44437. With over 200,000 sqft of manufacturing space, TMG has positioned itself to be the leader in the coiling mandrel manufacturing business. Our extensive equipment lists provide us with ability to machine and rebuild an entire mandrel in house. TMG has a combined 45 yrs. experience in manufacturing mandrels and mandrel rebuilds. Our extensive knowledge of enhancements, weld overlays, segment materials and mill experience sets us apart from the rest of the field.

With the 2021 acquisition of The Fessler Group, TMG now owns the proprietary sealing technology that put the Fessler rotary distributor on many hot mill mandrels throughout the United States. The Fessler purchase not only supports TMG with their vison but provides TMG with a huge advantage as a mandrel repair company manufacturing everything under one roof.  TMG also acquired 75 years of Fessler Engineering and manufacturing on hydraulic cylinders, gears, gearbox design and a complete line of gear hobbers, honing machines, gear shapers and rack cutters.

With TMG, MG Cylinders and MG Gears all under one roof, we provide the steel industry with a  mandrel supplier that can rebuild cylinders, Fessler rotary distributors with proprietary sealing technology, offer suggestions for increase tonnage and manufacture gearing. A complete mandrel facility.

Give us a call and one of our specialists will work with your team to provide value added solutions and take you mandrels to the next level.

TMG 100% Mandrels….

01Coiling Mandrels

The best coiling mandrels the industry has to offer.

02Rotating Hydraulic Distributors

Fessler rotating hydraulic distributors for mandrels


Custom gearing designed for your specific purposes

04Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders for mandrels built to last
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Peter Kirkpatrick

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